Firebox Tile is long-lasting, non-toxic in every way and a truly beautiful innovation! We make our tile with an eye to cost and ecological consideration at every stage. 


  • Glossy glazes reflect firelight beautifully!

  • Because fireboxes are inside a fireplace, a gloss glaze is less shiny in appearance and darker than in your kitchen.

  • Our glazes have a great deal of variation and this is generally considered desirable.

  • Glaze samples can be ordered and if you would like to see variation, order 2.

Grout Color? 

  • Grout comes in 1 color only: a medium gray

How much tile do I need? 

Do the tiles arrive loose or in sheets?

  • All tiles except Landscapes and 5 x 7s arrive in sheets or sections held together with a clear face-adhesive much like a big piece of tape. This makes it easier for the installer.

How much thickness will the tile add to my fireplace?

  • Mortar bed is approximately 1/8”

Thickness of the tile?

  • Tile thickness is 3/8”

Grout joints? 

  • Approximately 1/8” or slightly less (3/32”). Variable with handmade tile.

Is Firebox Tile suitable for firebox floors?   

  • Yes

What about my hearth?

  • The hearth and fireplace face do not require fireproof tile, but it can certainly adapt very well to these applications also!

Do the tiles overlap or fit behind the fireplace face?

  • The firebox tile should fit behind the fireplace face. A surface bullnose can be created or glazed tile edges if your fireplace face doesn’t overlap. Please contact us for this customization.

How long does it take to fill my order? 

  • Lead time is usually 8 weeks

  • Order early!!! Do not wait until the end of your project to place your order.

  • We are a small artisan studio and although every effort is made to deliver within the agreed timeline, there are occasions when we are extra busy or unpredictable technical issues can arise and cause delays (irregular materials, kiln idiosyncrasies, glaze issues). Order early!!!


  • As with all tiles, care has to be given to shipping unlike clothing or many other products we order online. Expect to pay approximately $240.00 for a shipment of 25 square feet of tile to anywhere in the continental U.S.

Does this tile require maintenance?

  • Generally no! Firebox tile does need to be sealed and in fact shouldn’t be.

  • It can be cleaned if desired with soap and water. A glossy surface lends itself much more readily to cleaning than a matte surface. Glossy glazes also reflect firelight beautifully. The matte and metallic glazes can often retain a patina where the fire is hottest and this patina is often permanent.


  • The refractory installation product used can be ordered and drop shipped directly to your shipping address. ADD PRODUCT TO YOUR ORDER. Cost for this is usually $144 + shipping. Instructions and plenty of product will be included.

  • This cost is wholesale and creates no profit for any parties involved and is a service to you. If you prefer to order on your own, see "instructions" document for the product info.

  • This tile can be installed by a competent tile setter. A refractory material rather than traditional thin-set and grout MUST be used for installation. Traditional grout and thinnest will fail within the first year of use because they are not created to withstand heat and thermal expansion. Some products may even contain chemicals that may be flammable. USE ONLY THE PRODUCT PROVIDED, it has been tested and used for 17 years.

  • Firebox tile is installed over existing masonry in good condition. It’s a surface application like any bathroom or kitchen tile and needs a substrate to be applied to. Not a structural product.

  • Installers MUST read and follow RFG’s instructions for installation! Download instructions here.

Doesn’t the tile turn black from the fire soot?

  • On the lower areas of back wall and side walls as well as the floor center will eventually blacken to some degree. It’s not a very large area proportionate to the fireplace and many people find this appealing. If you don’t, the tiles can be cleaned! Gloss and Semi-gloss are the easiest but all Firebox Tiles can be cleaned using a stiff bristle scrubbing brush with soap and water. Do not use bleach nor harsh abrasives.

Custom design, size, or glaze?

  • Yes, there is a different cost and timeline, but most things one can imagine for tile can be created with this tile including relief imagery, and detailed imagery.